TCD Working Group Grants are designed to catalyze an interdisciplinary group of students and faculty to meet over the course of a semester or two semesters to address themes that involve the interface between conservation and development, or new connections between disciplines or approaches that have not been or have only been minimally explored.

Competitive proposals will be those that show evidence of having been initiated as a result of student interest and creativity, although we encourage involvement of faculty in these working groups. Working groups should identify 1–2 faculty sponsors. The successful working group will identify a “product(s)” (e.g., synthetic paper or review, conference talks, seminar series, workshop, grant proposal, database or web site, software or other tools, etc.) that will result from this interdisciplinary effort. Already active working groups are especially encouraged to apply for a TCD Working Group Grant.

Funds of up to $1000 are available to facilitate accomplishment of the working group goals. TCD funds may be used for conference travel, supporting a visiting scientist or conservation/development professional, or other activity that would support achieving working group goals. Students in the working group will be required to report on the outcomes of the working group at a later Tropilunch or Conservation and Development Forum. The TCD working group grants are made possible by an endowment from the Ford Foundation and the State of Florida.

Recent funded proposals

  • 2012: UF-REDD+/Adaptation Working Group Grant. By Michael Bauman, Anand Roopsind, Ruslandi and Thales West, Biology Department and collaborators.
  • 2013: Increasing Conservation Impacts in the Southern Cone Working Group. By Marcela Marquez, PhD student,  SNRE and collaborators (Workshop Report).
  • 2013: Service-Oriented Learning Working Group. Taryn Devereaux and Hans Goetz, Masters in Development and Practice Program
  • 2014: Google Analytics as a tool for Conservation and Development. Ryan Good
  • 2015:African Natural Resource Management in Africa WG and (2) REDD+ Forest Policy & Economics WG. Karen Bailey, Claudia Romero, Thales West, Richard Stanton.
  • 2015: Gender and Development working Group. Rebecca Williams, SNRE

Eligibility Preferences

  • Working Group Proposals may be from any TCD-affiliate department and any discipline associated with those departments.
  • Preference is given to students enrolled in the TCD certificate program.
  • Preference is given to working groups that demonstrate ability to address questions or topics through integrated analysis or synthesis across disciplines; such working groups are expected to include a diverse set of participants.
  • Proposals are reviewed and ranked by an interdisciplinary committee of UF faculty with expertise in conservation and development issues.
  • A student may be a PI on only one TCD Working Group Grant per degree program. Student co-PIs are encouraged.

Application Requirements

  • A completed application form
  • A completed budget form
  • A proposal clearly specifying the interdisciplinary topic to be explored by the working group and the novel advances or new perspectives that may be gained from the activities of this group. The proposal should identify the core participants, the planned approach, and the expected product(s) of the working group. The proposal should be no more than two single-spaced pages in length, not including the bibliography, and should be written in language accessible to reviewers from different disciplines.
  • A timetable for the working group (e.g., active since…, product expected…, planned for XX semester and so on).

Application Deadline: October 16, 2017

Electronic submission required

  • Please send documents as single PDF
  • Required documents in the same order as listed above


Patricia Sampaio
Program Coordinator
343 Grinter Hall