How to Apply for a TCD Certificate

Interested in a TCD certificate? We hope this step by step procedure helps clarify what to do and where to get help.

At the bottom of this page, you will also find who to contact for help and how to obtain a second TCD certificate at the PhD level if you have already obtained one during your Masters.

To enroll in TCD Certificate

Step 1.
Apply through UF admissions before registering for the first course of your certificate program. Scroll down until you see CERTIFICATE, then follow the instructions (click here for a ppt tutorial).

Step 2.
Send an email to TCD to let us know you’ve applied so you can be admitted to the TCD certificate program.

Step 3.
Fill out the TCD enrollment form. If you are uncertain if your courses will fulfill TCD course requirements, contact the TCD Academic Advisor. She would be happy to guide you either by email or by appointment.

To Finalize TCD Certificate (i.e., after completing coursework)

Step 4.
Once you have finished the certificate requirements and before graduating, go into your ONE.UF account, then go to “My Record,” and select “Certificate/Degree Application” (click here for a ppt tutorial). This will insure the TCD Certificate appears in your transcript.

Step 5.
During the term you are to graduate, send a copy of your transcript and the TCD verification of requirements form to the TCD Program Coordinator.

Questions and Help

For questions about the UF admissions page:
201 Criser Hall
(352) 392-1365

For questions about ONE.UF:
Registrar’s Office
222 Criser Hall
(352) 392-1374

For general questions about the TCD Certificate Program:
343 Grinter Hall
(352) 273-4734

Second TCD Certificate for PhD Students

Please note that PhD students seeking a second TCD certificate, in addition to one already received at the Masters level, cannot count any of their 4 Masters-level required TCD courses for their doctoral certificate.  As dictated by UF’s Graduate School, they must complete 5 different TCD required courses to receive an additional TCD certificate on their transcript at the doctoral level.