Women’s workshops at the 12th Gender Summit

Women’s workshops at the 12th Gender Summit 2017

After 3 workshops developed in Gainesville (Florida, USA), Quito (Ecuador) and Puerto Iguazú (Argentina), the organizing team of the workshops “Women in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges in Latin America” was invited to participate in a round table at the 12th Gender Summit (and the first in Latin America) on Science Technology and Innovation, organized by the National Commission of Science and Technology of Chile (CONICYT)in Santiago, Chile on December 2017.

The conference was held in the ECLAC offices in Santiago, where Antonieta Eguren, in representation of the Southern Cone Conservation Leadership Initiative of the TCD program of the University of Florida, presented some of the results obtained from the workshops, showing an experiential vision of the challenges faced by women who work in environmental sciences, and sharing strategies and opportunities of how they face these challenges. Accompanying this round table were also the speakers; Sally Bunning, Senior Agricultural, Land and Water Systems Officer of the FAO (Office for Latin America and the Caribbean), Laura Gallardo, of the Center for Climate Science and Resilience (Chile), and Eduardo Bianchi, IANAS – Food Security (Argentina).

Some of the topics discussed were the importance of the integration of women, their perspectives and experiences regarding environmental issues, in order to cover more comprehensive solutions to complex problems such as climate change. Likewise, the need to change paradigms towards new life styles aimed at greater equity between women and men was addressed. The table and its presentations were broadcast by streaming, and the room was attended by more than 25 people.

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