Partnership is an important aspect of the Tropical Conservation and Development Program. By working with institutions around the world TCD faculty and students tap into unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and capacity building.

The interactive map displays examples of some of TCD’s past and present partners. Each blue pin represents a single partner and yellow pins indicate multiple partners at a single location. Click on a pin to see more about the partners at that location.

Featured Partners

There is wide diversity among TCD partnerships. The unique interests and expertise of scholars from UF and their collaborators have created partnerships with different histories, goals, and accomplishments. The two partnerships described below provide more details about two instances of TCD partnerships.

Universidade Federal do Acre (Federal University of Acre)

Location: Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil
Partner Contact: Veronica Passos
Main UF Partners: Marianne Schmink
Other UF Partners: Karen Kainer, Jon Dain, Steve Perz, Bob Buschbacher
Working together since: 1986
Highlights of Partnership:

  • For the past 8 years, we have had an annual seminar of UF and UFAC research.
  • Five UFAC faculty have made semester-long exchange visits to UF: Rosalia Lopes, Cleber Salimon and Lisandro Juno of the Ecology and Conservation Master’s, and Francisco Carlos da Silveira Cavalcanti and Zenobio Silva of the Regional Development Master’s.
  • Steve Perz and students have partnered with several UFAC faculty on a major NSF-funded study on the influence of roads on regional land use dynamics. Major partners are Marcos Silveira and Lucas Arujo Carvalho.
  • Two UF post-docs were placed at UFAC, Mary Menton from 2007–2009 and Amy Duchelle from 2009–2010.
  • UF Professors Marianne Schmink and Jon Dain have taught short courses for graduate students from two UFAC graduate programs, MECO and MDR.
  • UF and UFAC faculty, along with professors from UNEMAT and UNIR, collaborated on a field course on “Collaborative Strategies for Socioecological Management in the Western Amazon.”
  • UFAC professor Karla Rocha is completing her PhD at UF.
  • For more information contact: Marianne Schmink

Center for Tropical Research (CITRO) at the University of Veracruz (UV)

Location: Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Partner Contact: Citlalli Binnqüist López and Edward Ellis
UF Contact: Karen Kainer
Other UF Partners: Jonathan Dain
Working together since: 2008
Highlights of Partnership:

  • USAID Higher Education in Development, Mexico TIES grant, Bridging academia and practice: Integrative leadership for biodiversity conservation in managed landscapes (2009-2012) supported the following:
    • Sequential 12-month exchanges between two UF faculty (Jonathan Dain and Karen Kainer) and three UV faculty (Citlalli López, Edward Ellis and Patricia Negreros-Castillo),
    • Masters-level training of Mexicans at UF, and
    • Short-term UF visits by one UV faculty member and five graduate students.
  • Karen Kainer and Jonathan Dain were awarded Fulbrights and placed as scholars at UV-CITRO in 2010-2011;
  • Leadership development of over 30 UV graduate students and three recently graduated students from the Veracruz Intercultural University;
  • Joint UF-UV delivery of three new UV courses with strong stakeholder interactions between faculty, students and researchers and communities associated with Cofre de Perote National Park;
  • Three UV faculty were the first international fellows to complete the Florida Natural Resources Leadership Institute (NRLI);
  • UF hosted two visiting UV-CITRO Masters students: Bia’ni Madsa’ Juárez López and Andrea Carolina Elizondo Salas from January to May, 2015;
  • UV and UF faculty serve on graduate committees between institutions;
  • For more information contact: Karen Kainer