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TCD Guyana capacity building – Research Grant Recipients

Three University of Guyana students receive research grants for natural resource management.

The University of Guyana in collaboration with the University of Florida and the World Wildlife Fund-Guianas is proud to announce that three students, Ms. Wilda Hungito, Mr. Mark Ram, and Ms. Nadia Hunte, will receive research awards in support of their graduate studies. The students made  successful proposals all deemed to provide important information for natural resource management that will affect the livelihoods of many Guyanese.

Recordings: Bat Acoustic Workshop

Working with acoustic data is a challenge that can be paralyzing due to the volumes of data generated that needs to be processed.

Dr. Bruce Miller

Dr. Bruce Miller, a bat acoustics expert, took us on an exciting journey during the workshop “Bats Equal BIG DATA Challenges” at the University of Florida on 1 February 2018 in collaboration with the UF Biodiversity Institute and the TCD program in the Center for Latin American Studies.

The workshop provided an introduction to bat acoustics, what call parameters can be measured and what are useful for identifications, as well as to learn about some of the main issues researchers face when dealing with acoustic data. All this represents great resources and valuable information for people interested in working with bat acoustics.

Find the recordings of the workshop in the following links:

Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3:


PhD student presents work supported by TCD Program

Ana Luiza Violato Espada, a 2nd-year PhD student of School of Forest Resources and Conservation with concentration in Tropical Conservation and Development at University of Florida (UF) is participating in the 24th Annual International Society of Tropical Foresters Conference at Yale University, New Haven, February 1-3, 2018.


Women’s workshops at the 12th Gender Summit 2017

After 3 workshops developed in Gainesville (Florida, USA), Quito (Ecuador) and Puerto Iguazú (Argentina), the organizing team of the workshops “Women in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges in Latin America” was invited to participate in a round table at the 12th Gender Summit (and the first in Latin America) on Science Technology and Innovation, organized by the National Commission of Science and Technology of Chile (CONICYT)in Santiago, Chile on December 2017.

Gender Summit - Día 2

TCD members publish PLOS Biology paper: UF TCD PhD Candidate Johanna Espin, UF TCD Faculty Emilio Bruna and others report lack of diversity in editors ​of major scientific journals.
“As science becomes more international, scientific editorial boards lag behind” 

Read article here.

Press Release

The Amazon Dams Research Coordination Network releases its short bilingual (Portuguese/English) documentary “Exploring the Colorado River Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program“. In the video, indigenous leaders, researchers, government officials and managers share their experiences and perspectives on hydroelectric dam development in the Colorado River in the US and in Amazonian rivers in South America.

The University of Florida Water Institute and The Amazon Dams Network proudly present a distinguished Scholar Seminar: Fluvial Systems, Continental Sediment Sources, Sediment Sinks, and the Human Factor in Tropical South America by Dr. Edgardo Latrubesse. December 5, 2017. From 2:30-3:30pm. Reitz Union, room 2360.

With the support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and several other UF Departments, TCD held the 3 day workshop “Tools and Strategies for Conservation and Development in the Amazon” in Gainesville, Florida on 3-5 October 2017. To learn more about it, go to UF Amazon Workshop page.