MERGE Book (unpublished)

Learning to MERGE”. Edited by Marianne Schmink, Susan Paulson, and Elena Bastidas, 2002

  • Learning to MERGE
  • Conceptual Framework for Gender and Community-Based Conservation
  • Mutual Learning in Action: Facilitating Field Courses for Conservation Practitioners
  • Institutionalizing Learning about Gender, Participation, and Natural Resource Management

MERGE Case Studies

1. “Conceptual Framework for Gender and Community-Based Conservation”
Marianne Schmink, 1999
English, Portuguese, Spanish

2. “Gender, Conservation, and Community Participation: The Case of the Jaú National Park, Brazil”
Regina Oliveira and Suely Anderson, 1999
English, Portuguese, Spanish

3. “Working with Community-Based Conservation with a Gender Focus: A Guide”
Mary Hill Rojas, 2000
English, Portuguese, Spanish

4. “Making Visible the Invisible. The Process of Institutionalizing Gender in Ecuador: The Case Studies of The Arcoiris Foundation, ECOCIENCIA and the Quichuan Institute of Biotechnology”
Paulina Arroyo M. and Susan V. Poats with Bolivar Tello, Rosa Vacacela and Rocío Alarcón, 2002
English, Portuguese, Spanish

5. “Strengthening the Participation of Women in Development Plans of Extractive Reserves and Women’s Health in Rondônia, Brazil”
Daniela J. de Paula, Ronaldo Weigand, Jr., and Valéria Rodrigues, 2003
English, Portuguese, Spanish