The Center for Latin American Studies, the Tropical Conservation and Development Program and the Amazon Dams Program @ UF Present an International Symposium on  Engineered Landscapes: Society, the Environment and Shifting Values in Brazil and the United States

Co-sponsored by: The Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere (CHPS), Fall Speaker

Series, and the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & the Environment (ESSIE)

Date: October 23, 2014 (mark your calendars)

Place: Terrace Room (G400), Norman Hall, College of Education

The goal of this international symposium is to foster cross-campus and interdisciplinary dialogue on how human values have historically shaped development paths and triggered social conflicts in the implementation of hydroelectric dams and other built structures – or “engineered landscapes” – for electricity production, transportation, irrigation or for the provision of other human services in both the US and in the Brazilian Amazon.

Additional information: Simone Athayde,, 352-273-4729 or David Kaplan,


In January of 2012, UF coordinating team Dr. Anthony Oliver-Smith, Dr. Simone Athayde, and Dr. Stephanie Bohlman organized a three day international symposium titled Water, Forests, and People: Towards Integrative Research on Dams, Natural Resources, and Society in the Amazon. The Symposium included the participation of UF and Brazilian scholars as well as invited guests. The Symposium participates numbered approximately 80 people and included diverse UF departments and units with varied disciplinary backgrounds. The Symposium was very successful in enabling knowledge sharing, developing team formation, and research frameworks and methods for advancing proposal writing and fund raising for the Amazon Dams Program.

The Symposium was sponsored by the following UF departments and units: Center for Latin American Studies, Tropical Conservation and Development Program (TCD); Amazon Conservation Leadership Initiative (ACLI); UF Water Institute; Florida Climate Institute (FCI).


Part of the UF and Brazilian team for the Amazon Dams Program during the Symposium in January of 2012. From left to right, front and back: Bill Pine (Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UF) Carolina Doria (UNIR, Brazil), Joann Mossa (Geography, UF), Simone Athayde (Center for Latin American Studies/TCD, UF), Anthony Oliver-Smith (Anthropology, UF), Elineide Marques (UFT, Brazil), Kathleen McKee (Water Institute, UF), Gabriela Stocks (Anthropology, UF), Philip Fearnside (INPA, Brazil), Walterlina Brasil (UNIR, Brazil and TCD/UF), and Bob Buschbacher (Center for Latin American Studies/TCD, UF).