Coordinating Team

University of Florida

  • Dr. Anthony Oliver-Smith, PhD – Anthropology, Department of Anthropology/UF
  • Dr. Simone Athayde, PhD – Environmental Anthropology, Interdisciplinarity, Center for Latin American Studies/UF
  • Dr. Stephanie Bohlman, PhD – Forestry, School of Forest Resources and Conservation/UF
  • MS Kathleen McKee – Research Coordinator, UF Water Institute

Brazilian Universities

  • Dr. Elineide Marques, PhD – Fish Ecology and Management, Department of Environmental Sciences/UFT
  • Dr. Carolina Doria, PhD – Fish Ecology and Management, Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Regional Development at Federal University of Rondônia/UNIR
  • Dr. Rosane Seluchinesk, PhD – Sustainable Development and Pedagogy, State University of Mato Grosso (UNEMAT)
  • Dr. Solange Arrolho, PhD – Fish Ecology and Management, State University of Mato Grosso (UNEMAT)


University of Florida Faculty and Technical Personnel

  • Dr. Bette Loiselle – Director, Tropical Conservation and Development Program – TCD
  • Dr. Robert Buschbacher – Director, Amazon Conservation Leadership Initiative – ACLI
  • Dr. Joann Mossa – Department of Geography
  • Dr. Bill Pine – Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
  • Dr. Marianne Schmink – Department of Anthropology
  • Dr. Mike Binford – Department of Geography
  • Dr. Joseph Christian Russel – GIS/Land Use and Environmental Change Institute – LUECI
  • Patrícia Delamonica Sampaio – Program Coordinator – TCD

University of Florida Post Docs, Students, and Collaborators

  • Dr. Mason Mathews – Florida Climate Institute
  • Dr. Wendy-Lin Bartels – Florida Climate Institute
  • Gabriela Stocks – PhD student – Anthropology
  • Carlos Cañas – PhD student, Geography

UNIR/Rondônia – Universidade Federal de Rondônia and Porto Velho Municipality

  • Dr. Carol Dória – Fish Ecology and Management
  • Dr. Walterlina Brasil – Pedagogy, Regional Development
  • MS Berenice Simão – Porto Velho Municipal Government Secretary of Culture
  • Students (to be defined)

UNEMAT/Mato Grosso – Universidade de Estado do Mato Grosso (Alta Floresta and Nova Xavantina Campi)

  • Dr. Solange Arrolho – Fish Ecology and Management
  • Dr. Rosane Seluchinesk – Anthropology and Pedagogy
  • Dr. Amintas Rossete – Geology
  • Students (to be defined)

UFT/Tocantins – Universidade Federal do Tocantins

  • Dr. Elineide Marques, Universidade Federal do Tocantins/UFT – Fish Ecology and Management
  • Dr. Alberto Akama, Universidade Federal do Tocantins/UFT – Fish Ecology and Management
  • MS Adriano Castorino – Anthropology
  • Students (to be defined)

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Philip Fearnside – INPA/Brazil – Dams and Climate change
  • Dr. Lance Gunderson – Emory College – Atlanta/US – Systems Ecology and Resilience Theory
  • Dr. José Goldemberg – USP/Brazil – Physicist and expert in Energy
  • Dr. Rinaldo Arruda – PUC/SP – Brazil – Anthropology, indigenous peoples and Dams
  • Dr. Mary Alegretti – Chico Mendes Memorial Foundation – Scientific Advisor on Public Policies
  • Dr. Bryan Tilt – Oregon State University – Specialist in Biophysical, Geopolitical, and Social Effects of Dams with emphasis in China
  • Dr. Chris McCarty – Anthropology/Bureau of Economic and Business Research
  • Dr. Sanford Berg – Economy – Distinguished Service Professor/PURC Director of Water Studies, University of Florida